Welcome to CareerHub for Employers

Flinders can help you with your talent acquisition from beginning to end. 

At Flinders University we have over 30,000 students and recent graduates, across a broad range of disciplines, providing a large pool of talent. 

At no charge to you, we are able to support you to access this talent to fill your paid vacancies. We can assist you by:

  • identifying your critical skill requirements, and suggesting appropriate cohorts to target 
  • promoting your vacancy on Flinders CareerHub and directly to suitable students and graduates
  • short-listing suitable candidates so you only have to review a smaller number of well-matched candidate*

*If you would like us to assist with shortlisting candidates for a vacancy, please contact us and we will list your vacancy for you.

There are no costs associated with our services. 

If you have any special requests or would like to discuss the promotion of any employment opportunities please get in in touch (careers@flinders.edu.au / 08 8201 2832)